ntfy.backends package


ntfy.backends.darwin module

ntfy.backends.darwin.notify(title, message, retcode=None)

adapted from https://gist.github.com/baliw/4020619

ntfy.backends.default module

exception ntfy.backends.default.DefaultNotifierError(exception, module)

Bases: exceptions.Exception

ntfy.backends.default.notify(title, message, **kwargs)

This backend automatically selects the correct desktop notification backend for your operating system.

ntfy.backends.linux module

ntfy.backends.pushbullet module

ntfy.backends.pushover module

ntfy.backends.simplepush module

ntfy.backends.notifico module

ntfy.backends.notifico.notify(title, message, retcode=None, webhook=None)
Required parameter:
  • webhook - The webhook link, created at https://n.tkte.ch/
    (choose Plain Text service when creating the webhook)

ntfy.backends.insta module

ntfy.backends.win32 module

ntfy.backends.xmpp module

ntfy.backends.systemlog module

ntfy.backends.systemlog.notify(title, message, prio='ALERT', facility='LOCAL5', fmt='[{title}] {message}', retcode=None)

Uses the syslog core Python module, which is not available on Windows platforms.

Optional parameters:
  • prio - Syslog prority level. Default is ALERT. Possible values are:
    • EMERG
    • ALERT
    • CRIT
    • ERR
    • NOTICE
    • INFO
    • DEBUG
  • facility - Syslog facility. Default is LOCAL5. Possible values are:
    • KERN
    • USER
    • MAIL
    • DAEMON
    • AUTH
    • LPR
    • NEWS
    • UUCP
    • CRON
    • SYSLOG
    • LOCAL0
    • LOCAL1
    • LOCAL2
    • LOCAL3
    • LOCAL4
    • LOCAL5
    • LOCAL6
    • LOCAL7
  • fmt - Format of the message to be sent to the system logger. The title and the message are specified using the following placeholders:

    • {title}
    • {message}

    Default is [{title}] {message}.

ntfy.backends.rocketchat module

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